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Divine Magic

Divine Magic

Amazing Magic and Mind Reading - Be sure to amaze, entertain and add value to your event!
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CouchTtatties quirky category is exactly what it says on the tin- any quirky services.  This may be upcycling services, an antique toy supplier, pet parties, singing telegrams, doll and shoe repair services or even someone to pick up your dog poop from your garden- yes, they exist.

This is the home of all things quirky.  Sometimes your quirky business idea just needs to be seen for people to realise- I need that in my life.  CouchTattie can market your service to link it to customers who would use your service.

Be seen to be considered!  Catering solely for Scotland’s mobile & freelance business community, CouchTattie provides you with a cutting-edge marketing package designed to increase your digital presence.

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